In 1993 the Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners formed the Gunnison County Historic Preservation Commission (GCHPC) to provide for the preservation of the cultural, historical, and architectural history of Gunnison County. The GCHPC is charged with the task of assisting the community with the identification and nomination of historic sites to the Board of County Commissioners to be placed on the Gunnison County Register of Historic Landmarks.

The Gunnison County Register of Historic Landmarks offers an opportunity to identify significant contributing elements of our County's heritage and to protect these elements from exterior changes that would diminish their authentic or distinctive features.

Information about the historic places on this website is from the applications for inclusion on the historic register and other sources on local history including books, newspapers, and unpublished works.

Below you will find three of our brochures available for download in pdf format.
Click on the brochure name or image to download its pdf. If you would like a hard copy of any of these brochures please contact us.

Railroads of Gunnison County | Outhouses of Gunnison County | Early Graves of Gunnison County

Railroads of Gunnison CountyOuthouses of Gunnison CountyEarly Graves of Gunnison County

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